No.8 wire straight-shooters with high st smarts

Oooo nooo … only 12,783,666 seconds to go … thereabouts. Dug in the bunker last Saturday, 24 cans of baked beans stashed, tray of Tui, couple of candles. Not even. Just got back from Raglan actually. Bit of time with the extended whānau and a spot of daredevil 4wd action in the Waikato. Another tick for the bucket list. Good times in pre-apocalyptic Aotearoa.

Let the Bleats begin

bleat2-pic1Last week in Bleat#1 I plugged the launch of Flaxpod’s new website. If you haven’t been there yet you should. And just in case you were wondering where the exceptional copywriting came from … It was. Of course. Written with love by Ed. And today I’m going to tell you a bit about this project. Yep, shameless promotion I know.

Injecting flavour

bleat2-pic2The central tenet of Flaxpod’s website writing brief was to make it an enjoyable read with Kiwi idioms and a fair bit of slapstick humour. Too often websites’ written content comes second behind design, functionality and other rich content. A site may look stunning and behave beautifully but if the writing’s a bit shabby then it’s a job half done. Using the right words in an engaging and persuasive way (that’s copywriting) helps determine how well your site ranks in search engines, and increases the chances of converting visits into sales.


bleat2-pic3Flaxpod’s new site also kicked off with a couple of decent blog posts. The crux of the articles were supplied before Ed whipped them into shape. The brief revolves around pulling readers into the site with entertaining and informing article teasers via EDM, then funneling them through the site before ultimately presenting them with a call-to-action aimed at converting their visit into a lead.

From the horse’s mouth

bleat2-pic4With the case studies the brief went along the lines of, “Hey Steff, here’s some client contacts and here’s their numbers. Can ya sort some case studies for us?” Yes of course I can, when do I start? “Now.” I visited the six sites, read all about the clients, customised a set of interview questions for each about their experience working with Flaxpod, then made the calls. After a 15-20 minute chat the studies were written up, sub-edited and proofed, then loaded on to the site for publishing. Sorted.

In the week or so since the Flaxpod site went live, traffic into and around the site has been tsunami-like. What’s more, a good number of these visits have turned into solid leads with strong potential for new projects that’ll hopefully align themselves before the end of the world. And I reckon maybe, just maybe, Ed’s copywriting had something to do with that.

Steff @ Ed.

PS: If you like scary movies say I. 9,473,222+ views can’t be wrong.