Only 156 days left until the end of the world…


As you all know the world will end on the 21st of December. But don’t worry, I’m going to entertain you until you and your planet disappear in a great puff of apathy and inactivity. My initial advice is not to get too upset about the fact the end is nigh. Celebrate instead, cram everything on your bucket list into the next 23 weeks. Then again, if you don’t believe all the bullshit the apocalyptic theorists bang on about I suggest you schedule in your diaries Ed’s Bleat posts every Wednesday at 11.59am NZ time, from now until the end (add echoing maniacal laugh).

So, I’m going to skite aplenty about the great work Ed does, and how it’s done (well, not actually how it’s done more like some sneaky teasers to try and sell you some stuff). I’m also going to entertain you with ‘getting a way with words’: intriguing facts about the science of linguistics and the ever-changing landscape of the English language. Topics will include:

  • Online vs offline writing
  • SEO and SEM to drive external site traffic
  • Funnels and goals to influence internal site behaviour
  • Analytics and Adwords setup, monitoring and reporting
  • Strategy, scheduling and development of content
  • Stories as social currency and taking copywriting to the edge
  • Case studies of Ed’s projects to date

But to get things started, if you didn’t already know, Ed works closely with Hawke’s Bay-based web design and development company Flaxpod. And just last week, Flaxpod’s own newly developed website went live. It’s well worth a squiz with plenty of juicy sites to browse and project case studies to read about (btw, I’m the guy with the shirt on backwards). The copywriting is quite exceptional too. I wonder who they use? Hmmm …

Anyway, with the end of the world now a few minutes closer it gives me the warm fuzzies to announce the start of something fresh and new. Bleat ya soon you great people of the interweb!

Steff @ Ed

PS: Oh yeah, here are some cool sites Ed reckons are a bit alright too.