Ed’s Brand, Marketing & Communication Services

Ed takes a top-down approach to writing and designing compelling and persuasive brand collateral to communicate and sell clients’ products and services.

By considering strategic goals and objectives, Ed tailors content for digital and traditional communication channels to capitalise on opportunities and maximise buy-in.

Ed’s four core services are as follows.

Brand Development

A strong brand is a cornerstone of any business’s identity. More than just a logo, a strong brand needs to define itself with a story: a mantra; an elevator pitch; its positioning statement.

Other essential brand components include how to use the logo in its various forms, colour specifications, fonts and their usage, and briefs that outline photography, tone-of-voice and how the brand’s elements should be applied online, in print and for other applications.

Marketing & Communications Strategy

Once a brand has been established, a strategy (or plan) needs to be composed that explains what, how, when and to who communications are delivered.

With target audiences defined, collateral is designed and written for appropriate channels both online and/or ‘offline’ (print and other traditional media), then strategically and tactically launched or published according to the communication strategy.

The resulting activity is then measured, analysed and adjusted for future communications.

Design for Online & Print

With a strong brand and communications strategy in place, collateral is designed for purpose to perform in the digital space or offline in print, and in other environments such as on apparel, vehicle livery and building signage.

Ed has extensive experience in taking a business’s brand essentials then designing collateral before managing and making sure it’s applied and delivered in a consistent and compelling manner for maximum exposure and target audience conversion.

Optimised Copywriting

Optimised copywriting usually refers to website copy that is written with SEO in mind, to assist in getting a website’s rank as high as possible in Google search results.

However, optimised copywriting also refers to ensuring a business’s communications are written optimally in a succinct, coherent and effective manner, aimed at compelling and persuading the reader to buy in to a brand and/or its products and services.

Alongside design, copywriting is paramount to the ongoing development and success of a strong brand and its communication strategy.