Website writing and having fun being a 2-year-old

Yep, Ed turned 2 today. Exactly two years ago I chucked in my day job in search of creative writing freedom. Since then I’ve been working like a motherfather. So today I’m taking the day off, but not before defining the key components of any good website’s copywriting. So here goes it …

You’ve probably heard it before, “Oh yes … website writing is not like other writing, it’s different.” Yeah, that’s kinda true. Thing is, a website copywriter still has to inject their special flavour, tone and manner, but what’s different with website writing is the structure. It’s all about categorising your messages into chunks while still telling a story. All the while seeking one thing … that your website visitor buys into the product or service on offer via coherence, cohesion and cadence. Anyways, here are Ed’s omnipotent necessities. There are more but I’m taking the day off so this is all you’re getting  …

thinkhubThe ‘Home Page
Your home page sets the tone for your entire site. It orientates your visitor, letting them know they’re in the right place and where they should go next. So tell them. Don’t be shy, be bold. Shout if from the rooftops then shoot down the elevator and hand out flyers. It really is like that. For this is your home page. Contact Ed for the real deal. How’s that for a plug? Waiting for your call …

edenpoolsThe ‘Case Study
Any business can say, “We will fulfill all your service needs because we are the experts in house-moving and logistics worldwide.” Or, “We’ve sold 597,654 units of laundry powder.” Point being, get your clients and customers to prove your worth. Document your best subscribers’ opinions about what you’re delivering. Then tell the world what they’ve said. They are your ambassadors. Simple but you’ll need a writer won’t you? Hello, Ed at you service.

higginsThe ‘Call-to-Action
A call-to-action is the fundamental reason you have a website in the first place. In a nutshell it’s a short, sharp, jabby piece of snappy copy that compels a visitor to take specific action you can measure to determine if your website is working or not. CTAs should be everywhere on your site. If they’re not, you’re doing it wrong. And that people, pretty much ends this Bleat.

So now you know who to call when you need top-notch copywriting for your website’s success. From a 2-year-old. Talk soon. Love you long time fellow Bleat followers.

Steff @ Ed.

PS: The compound noun cellar-door (/sɛləˈdɔə/) is a phrase which is beautiful in terms of its phonaesthetics (ie. sound) with no regard for semantics (ie. meaning). It’s been presented either as merely one beautiful instance of many, or as the most beautiful in the English language; either as the author’s personal choice, that of an eminent scholar’s, or of a foreigner who does not speak the language. Fact.