The Poutiri Ao ō Tāne project and the Three Tenets

When Ed kicked off at 11.59am 1 Aug 2010 packed inside the business plan were three important tenets. Because alongside entertaining professional business clients who pay their bills on time, Ed also wanted to serve the faith within the realms of education, health, and conservation. And, over the past two years all these tenets have been satisfied in more ways than three, one of which is the Poutiri Ao ō Tāne project.

Liaison, Planning & Management

Screen-shot-2012-08-21-at-7.02.08-PMOff the back of project management and content development for the ECOED website (via HBRC), Ed was contracted by DOC and other key stakeholders to manage the design, build and content development of the Poutiri website. Premier web dev company Flaxpod were brought in to carry out the design and build while Ed hunted, gathered and developed content and ultimately delivered streamlined copywriting, photography and video. All the while Ed made sure everything went to plan by coordinating the parties and sticking to the schedule with regular comms and meetings. But in the end the site’s go-live was late. But only by 12hrs. Not bad huh?

Copywriting & Content Development

Screen-shot-2012-08-21-at-7.07.13-PMAlongside managing the Poutiri website design and build Ed worked with the client to develop written and photographic content then make refinements to align with the sitemap and the site’s design and functionality. A day-trip was made to the Maungaharuru Range (the base location for the Poutiri project) to shoot additional photos and video, and to experience the sheer beauty of the Northern Hawke’s Bay environment. The resulting content was then loaded with client training for ongoing communications to key stakeholders, including the main audience, the people of Hawke’s Bay.

Communication Plan & Conversation Calendar

Screen-shot-2012-08-21-at-7.02.48-PMFollowing go-live Ed has facilitated Poutiri staff with eDM from their database and regular news (blog) postings. Ed is now developing a conversation calendar in sync with Poutiri’s PR company. The outcome will be a firm plan for the remainder of 2012 for Poutiri to forecast, schedule and communicate key milestones and events online to Poutiri’s audience to further build awareness of this great conservation project.

So there ya have it. Just one example of Ed’s three tenets. And while I’ve got your attention other ‘three tenet’ projects include these clients, which I’ll write more about in future Bleats.

  • Massey University
  • EIT
  • Asthma Hawke’s Bay
  • Hawke’s Bay DHB

E noho ra. Steff @ Ed.

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