The Importance of Using a Great Copywriter


It seems every small-business owner considers themselves a copywriter. Usually they’ll get that you need a designer, web designer, maybe even a marketing person, but they just don’t see the value of a copywriter. After all, they learned to write at school, didn’t they? So they should be able to write ad copy, web content, and most anything a good marketing plan would require, right? They may think so but it’s a rare business owner who can write effective ad copy or web content let alone myriad of pieces of copy that a good marketing plan requires.

A copywriter doesn’t cost they pay

This is the hardest thing to get through to a small businessperson, especially on a tight or non-existing budget. Think of it this way though. Instead of saving money you’re actually losing money by writing your own copy. First of all, you probably have a business degree not a writing-related degree so writing copy doesn’t necessarily come naturally. So it takes you longer to write something than a professional copywriter. This is time spent that you can’t afford to take away from the business. Your time would be better spent doing what you do best … running the business. Second, a good copywriter knows how to craft effective copy. They know what words motivate potential clients. They know how to optimise text for the web using keywords. A good copywriter is practiced at selling products. They have valuable experience partnering with business owners to get their story told to the world effectively. These are qualities that take years to cultivate. Do you have the time?

Copywriters understand SEO

Nowadays it takes more than being a good writer to be successful at copywriting. Now a copywriter has to keep in mind SEO (search engine optimisation) so the client can be found easily on the web. If your web content is not optimised, so the search engines will readily pick you up, you’re losing out on a great opportunity to reach potential customers. Today’s copywriter will carefully craft text that is optimised for the web. They will keep this in mind when working on projects that may end up on the web at some point. This is an important marketing strategy and should not be taken lightly. Keywords that trigger search engines are very important in today’s written communications.

A good copywriter understands design

A good copywriter also understands good design and can partner with a designer to enhance the overall design. By designing his words to work seamlessly with the design you can multiply the effectiveness of the project. A well thought out headline can make a good design become a great design. Don’t miss out on this key component of effective advertising. So even though you fancy yourself a copywriter it’s best left to the professional. Great copywriters bring with them not only talent, but also valuable experience. Experience you need in getting your message out there. So stop banging your head against the wall trying to come up with clever copy. Instead hand that important task off to a professional and reap the benefits of more time, better results, and increased sales.