More than meets the eye … BayBuzz Magazine

Believe it or not, copywriting is not the only arrow in Ed’s quiver. In fact, for the past four years Ed’s been putting together BayBuzz magazine. From flat-planning to content gathering and some intense team comms, Ed’s responsible for designing, refining and whip-cracking to make sure this mag meets its press deadline every two months.

Hawke’s Bay’s #1 magazine

In a nutshell, BayBuzz magazine is all about rattling cages, having fun, bringing more accountability to public affairs, and providing a forum for the citizens of Hawke’s Bay to sound off. The mag covers a wide range of material including environmental, social and political issues, technology and business, arts and lifestyle, food and farming, health, education and plenty of provocative humour.

Production management

Ed’s works with all contributors to the magazine’s content, which kicks off with an initial meeting with the editor to map out production. Ed then puts together flat-plans and a schedule that runs for 10-14 days straight in order to produce the 100 page publication. This is a multifaceted role that involves a constant juggling act to bring in editorial, photography, graphics and adverts in order to meet a tight press deadline.

Make up your mind

One could bang on here about how great the BayBuzz design and production values are and how that’s all down to the greatness that is Ed. But some might see that as obscene grandstanding. So why not check out the mag for yourself, and make up your own mind. Here are a few links you can click on to view: