Working the room, having a mingle

Talent and passion are undeniably fundamental necessities for being successful in business. However, in Ed’s eyes the adage of “it’s not what you know it’s who you know” still reigns supreme as the most integral facet of a good operation. So here are a few people that rate Ed:

Tom Belford, Publisher & Councillor
027 307 0315
“Stefan reliably delivers thoughtful, creative, top quality work … on schedule. Plus easy to work with, at all hours.”
Lee Warren, Photographer
027 284 3431
“Stefan has an ability to get to the heart of the matter when writing ads and art directing photography shoots for me.”
Kay Deakin, Company Director
027 530 0614
“Visage has been working with Ed for over 10 years and in that time our business has had over 300% growth.”
Chris Howden, Creative Director
021 335 784
“Stefan is a unique writer who brings a refreshing aspect to copy for print and websites and he knows all the tricks of SEO.”
Tim Hansen, Account Manager
021 335 792
“Stefan’s copy is effective and concise. He understands the brief and is great at turning work around quickly.”
Robin Gorry, Digital Developer
0221 698 489
“Stefan capture’s the voice and tone of any business he works and can make the most complicated instructions seem simple.”
Reuben Reid, Digital Director
021 360 822
“In contrast to other writers, Ed consistently finds unique angles that create points of difference for our clients.”